Image of Modern Manufacturing - Volume 3: An Inside Look into Game-Changing Processes


Modern Manufacturing - Volume 3: An Inside Look into Game-Changing Processes

Over the years, there have been many game changers for the Industrial sector. However, the most recent game changer has been the incorporation of Augmented Reality into modern manufacturing. In this third instalment, Michelle guides us on the advancements in technology and how these can be incorporated to accelerate efficiency in plants.

Augmented Reality is the overlaying of digital information on top of the physical world and has existed for years. Companies within the industrial sector are now exploring opportunities to incorporate this into their facility. One such company, is The Coca-Cola Co, which uses Upskill’s Skylight for equipment inspections, service calls and routine audits in plants globally. Additionally, The Boeing Co also uses Upskill’s Skylight to improve its complex, wiring-harness-assembly process. They have seen an increased productivity of 25% and have effectively reduced errors to zero!

One of the case studies focuses on a plastics manufacturer who constantly experienced unplanned downtime typically estimating $40 million every time. However, through the implementation of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), they were able to predict upcoming failures and effectively plan their maintenance schedules accordingly. The combined efforts of Digital twins, use of sensors incorporated into IIoT all aid in assisting plants to improve their efficiency and reliability.

In this third instalment, there are numerous global examples of how companies in varying manufacturing sectors were able to successfully implement these game changing processes


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